[Bring all hope, ye who enter here]

@ the green studio in belgrade, serbia

Now more than a hostel

A non profit underground lounge, studio, and gallery for travel, music, film and art enthusiasts. A pioneer of backpacking in Belgrade and a founder of it’s new urban design and nightlife district for the last decade. Sharing ideas, knowledge and passion.

We’re Kinda Famous

Featured on VICE news, the Guardian, Lonely Planet, and more as a unique spot that seamlessly finds its place in the community run by volunteers with a goal of experiencing, enjoying, and evolving our place and Belgrade together.

What We Got

A 24 hour street level lounge with a small garden and kitchenette providing welcome beers or shots, coffee, tea, WIFI while sharing our knowledge of underground Belgrade with open daily workshop sessions in art and music with mixed dorms.

Where We At

1 minute from the river, the train and bus stations. Inside the Savamala design and nightlife area. 5 minute walk to the pedestrian street, the fortress, and the boat clubs. 24 Hour supermarket, exchange, ATM, bakery, grill all next door.

The Green Studio Hostel & Lounge Reviews     The Green Studio Hostel & Lounge Reviews     The Green Studio Hostel & Lounge Reviews

The Green Studio Hostel & Lounge Reviews          The Green Studio Hostel & Lounge Reviews

May all who come as guests leave as friends

We look even better in person

Our Volunteers. If you'd like to join us just please don't smell.
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Head of De-Animation & AA
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The Enforcer & An Aspiring Optometrist
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DJ Gonna Drive You To The Airport Man
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Liquor Connoisseur & Philosopher
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House Chef & First Responder
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The Night Watcher
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Chief of Medicine & Proctology

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